The Trip

Steve Coogan has been asked by The Observer to tour the country’s finest restaurants, but after his girlfriend backs out on him he must take his best friend and source of eternal aggravation, Rob Brydon. (IMDB)

Director:  Michael Winterbottom
Stars:  Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon and Paul Popplewell
Runtime/Rating:  107 Minutes/ NR
Popcorn Score:  Large Popcorn with Butter

This quick Popcorn Review was taken from the Top Ten Movies of 2010 List:

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon take themselves on as characters in the British road trip comedy about two comedian friends who travel around the British countryside from restaurant to restaurant, and hotel to hotel all while making you, and each other laugh. While in the car on the road and sitting at a different pubs or fine dining restaurants daily, they talk about everything and nothing in Seinfeld like fashion while they do an array of impressions and annoy each other while at the same time enjoy one another’s company as only old friends can do. For me, It was one of the most enjoyable films of the year.

Large Popcorn with Butter.

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