Old School


Three middle adged men rally around their divorced friend and cheer him up by reliving the college life.

Writers:  Todd Phillips, Scot Armstrong
Director:  Todd Phillips
Stars:  Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell
Runtime/Raiting:  91 Minutes/R
Popcorn Score:  Large Popcorn with Butter

This Quick Popcorn Review was taken from the Top Ten Will Ferrell Movies List:

Old School sets the perfect tone with the first joke of the movie, underscored by Ryan Adams’ To Be Young, Luke Wilson Gets in the taxi and says; “Sorry, your seatbelt seems to be broken. What do you recommend I do?” To which the driver responds; “I recommend you stop being such a faggot. You’re in the backseat” and then hits it in reverse and the soon to be “Godfather” gets his head slammed against the divider glass.

This college classic about 4 guys that try to revisit their lives as frat boys is the next generations “Animal House”.  Mitch gets a divorce and before they consider grieving his friends Beanie and Frank the Tank are already party planning. They throw the coming out party Mitchapalooza and all shit hits the fan from there.  Before you know it, Weensie is getting pulled off a building into a manhole by his dick, Mitch is sleeping with his boss’s high school daughter and Ol’ Blue is dying of a heart attack in a KY Jelly Pool. Frank the Tank is back beer-bonging beers and everything is pissing Dean Gordon “Cheese” off, who is played hilariously by Jeremy Piven.  This movie is number one with a bullet on my Will Ferrell Top Ten List because amongst so many other reasons,  Old School was the only thing that the TV in my apartment played for about 5 months freshman year. Whichever one of my roommates passed out watching it at night, the next one would press play where the last one left off during breakfast the next day.

Large Popcorn with Butter.

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