Win Win

A struggling lawyer and volunteer wrestling coach’s chicanery comes back to haunt him when the teenage grandson of the client he’s double-crossed comes into his life.

Writers:  Thomas McCarthy
Director:  Thomas McCarthy
Stars:   Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan and Jeffrey Tambor
Runtime: 106 Minutes
Popcorn Score: Large Popcorn with Butter

I took a look at the movies Paul Giamatti’s has made in the 15 years and I think he may be one of the more underrated actors in this time. I understand that he had been nominated for an Academy Award but lately it seems like he has been in the movies that aren’t heavily publicized or getting a wide release.  Maybe that is what makes him great.  I am really glad to be able to watch him in his prime.

“Win Win” is a really great movie.  It’s a comedy, drama, a great story where you actually care about the characters. It has so many things that so many movies don’t have nowadays.  I am sick of the “Comedy” movies that come out all of the time that are mass produced with one of the stars of the month, have a handful of one liners, a love story that no one cares about and then 90 minutes later it finally ends and you feel depressed because you’re the reason that they keep making that junk.  Well, “Win Win” leaves you satisfied.

It is about a relatable character, a married man who is not in the best of times, still in a loving relationship, maybe not so relatable, ha, but he is struggling for money and his business isn’t doing well.  He works as a lawyer and coaches the high school wrestling team at night. He defends an old man played very entertainingly by Burt Young (Rocky) and tells the court with no intention to do so that he will take him in and take care of him to earn the extra money.  The old man’s grandchild played by Alex Shaffer shows up because his mother is a drug addict and is a star wrestler.  The story is about the relationship with the teenager, his mother, and the new family and the father that is trying to maximize a great opportunity while still doing the best thing.  It stays happy and funny throughout the whole process with the help of great characters played by Amy Ryan and Bobby Carnavale.

I don’t know if I have a little Paul Giamatti thing or what, but I have enjoyed the last two movies I have seen starting him very much.  I find him and the scripts that he chooses to be very real, relatable, and entertaining. I think that he brings a lot to the table that other actors do not.  I recommend renting, red boxing, streaming, downloading or Netflix-ing this movie as fast as you can; it’s a great way to spend a night!

Large Popcorn with Butter! 

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