The Change Up

 The Change Up is Terrible”.  It’s virtually unwatchable. It’s not so bad that you have to see it, to see how much of a train wreck it is. It’s just terrible. The storyline is absurd, I knew that going into it, but I was hoping it would be at least entertaining. The execution of it is absolute garbage. The jokes consist of nothing but unfunny strings of swear words, shit bits and characters overacting and reacting absolutely phony at every turn. I don’t believe I laughed once. In fact, I sat in agony hoping to be faintly entertained at least once during the ridiculous movie. I wasn’t.

If I’m going to break down one problem of this awful movie it would be that the characters’ mannerisms are too similar to begin with.  Sure, the Jason Bateman character is settled down with a wife, some young kids and a prosperous career.  The Ryan Reynolds character is a lazy, stoner actor who makes soft core porn.  But they both use the same language, have the same thoughts about women and are both immature and dumb in their own right that when they switch, it’s hard to remember who is who and which one started out which way.  The Ryan Reynolds character, when in the Jason Bateman body, acts so immature and ridiculous even after he is “trying his best” to conceal everything  is such a fool that it makes me believe he would never be able to exist in any civilization where he has to keep a lid on his moronic, pathetic mouth.

I like Jason Bateman, and I have nothing against Ryan Reynolds but this was unfortunately a pathetic attempt for both of them.


I wanted to finish my review with an insult to anyone who liked this movie but thought that would be too harsh.  After I finished writing my review, as I often do, I read Roger Ebert’s review and he very nonchalantly did what I wanted to do as only a true pro like him can.  So I want to steal that from him because he had the guts and the craft to do what I couldn’t…

“Anyone who enjoys this film cannot fairly be considered an adult.  Pity about the R rating.  It will keep out those callow enough to enjoy it.”

Small Popcorn.

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