The Missing Person

Written and Directed by fairly unknown Noah Buschel, The Missing Person is a noir style detective film set in modern time.  It stars Michael Shannon who plays alcoholic detective Rosow who is hired to follow a man from a Chicago Train Station on a cross country trip.  That is all we know for quite a while in the movie.

It doesn’t really provide much, it is slow moving and there seems to be lots of pieces of the puzzle that are introduced and then never elaborated on, making it seem pretty incomplete.  The story doesn’t have much of a focus.  I would assume it was created because Buschel has a love for films of the genre.  He does a nice job depicting the style he wants to illustrate, that, I would argue is the films greatest success.

If you stick with the slow moving pace of the film, you will certainly be engaged at times, and entertained at moments throughout as well.  I think that Michael Shannon is an interesting enough specimen to simply look at for a while, but he also brings his great ability’s to the part.  I just feel that the story could have helped him out more.    There is some resolution to the end of the film.  Also introducing a new twist that perhaps provides some motive for what you just saw, but I turned it off feeling pretty indifferent about watching the movie.

It is a good watch for anyone who loves the seedy, noir, detective drama types, but a tolerable skip for most.

Medium Popcorn.

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  1. emily howard's Gravatar emily howard
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    I thought this was best indie of last ten years.

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