Morning Glory

Go getter Becky Fuller (Rachel Mcadams) stars in a better than average Rom-Com about a young fairly spastic producer of TV Morning shows in the New York area.  She gets fired from her regional New Jersey show in the first ten minutes of the movie and following a montage where she desperately applies to every other TV job on the east coast; she lands a position with the nation’s 4th ranked morning show “Day Break”.  Her main task is to improve the ratings and to make newly hired co-host, award winning news anchor Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), blend with the aged, beauty queen veteran, Coleen Peck (Diane Keaton)

All the while, she has to battle fitting in a new found desire for a romantic affair in her life.  The producer of the upstairs entertainment news show (Patrick Wilson) and her are very quickly and obviously connected in the “needed” love story.

The thing that actually makes this movie work is that it is not a typical Romantic Comedy with the same old arc; girl meets boy – they become smitten with each other -something happens that takes them apart – something brings them back together – they live happily ever after.  It actually focuses much more on the story of Becky battling with her career and making things better on the show.  The romantic storyline definitely takes a back seat and, I imagine, only exists to make the movie more marketable.

Rachel Mcadams’ performance is pretty good.  There are times when she overacts the bits, but I attribute that to a pretty good actress doing her best to make unfunny jokes/scenes work.  Although her character is obsessed and at times over the top, she remains likeable and as always incredible attractive.  There is a scene where she is launched over the couch wearing nothing but her lingerie that makes the movie worth watching in my mind….

The best character of the movie without a doubt comes from Ford playing a wretchedly grizzled but savvy veteran making the move from major nightly news networks to the morning news.   He carries the majority of the comedy with lines that yield out loud laughing, something that I honestly did not expect coming from this movie.

I have to admit this movie was much more enjoyable than I expected, much more.  I actually started it figuring I would fall asleep or turn it off within 25 minutes.  It is not perfect and there are parts occasionally that make you want to dose or turn it off, but if in the right mood, I think that it is an enjoyable, comedic, quality date movie.

Medium Popcorn with Butter.


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