It’s 4 o’clock in the morning. I haven’t slept since 6:30 am yesterday. I saw Inception last night at 7:25. My mind has not been warped like this since the day that the Carolina Panthers lost to the Green Bay Packers in the 96- 97 NFC NFL Championship game. I watched the movie Poltergeist 2 that day leading up to that game and I remember my mom asking, “Alan are you going to be ok tonight?” I said, “Yea mom, I’ll be alright, I have the whole game to forget about this movie.” The song “God is in His Holy Temple” haunted me for two weeks and I literally slept on my parent’s floor for a month.

Inception didn’t have that kind of effect on me, but it did keep me from sleeping. In and out of dreams I wondered what was real and what I was dreaming all night long. Christopher Nolan, along with the help of Leo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt make without a doubt the best summer blockbuster ever made. This movie explodes your mind whether you went into it wanting a love story, an action flick, or the best movie of the year.

The movie transcends dreams, yet it is more than a dream movie. It’s about how the characters are created, and captures ideas that we never have thought about them. It gives the conscious mind the ability to build, and construct a dream.

The movie is about an expert exporter, Leonardo Dicaprio, a man that can go inside your mind and export your thoughts. This is a skill that no one else in the world can match him at. He is challenged by a powerful executive to not extract a thought, but plant a thought into someone’s head. This is called inception. The movie is about building his team and them going inside the mark’s head to plant the specific thought inside his mind.

It is amazing throughout every frame and every scene. It takes visualization to places the viewer will never imagine. The story it absolutely complete without any missing aspects, it has you asking for more until the very last frame and then still leaves you with thoughts about what you just experienced…all while you had an enjoyable time at the theatre.

This movie is one of the best of the year, it was certainly the most entertaining, and without a doubt the one that keeps you questioning everything till the end…

Large Popcorn With Butter.

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