The Collection

A man who escapes from the vicious grips of the serial killer known as “The Collector” is blackmailed to rescue an innocent girl from the killer’s booby-trapped warehouse.

Writers:  Marcus Dunstan, Patrick Melton
Director:  Marcus Dunstan
Stars:   Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick and Christopher McDonald
Runtime/Rating: 82 Minutes/ R
Popcorn Score: Medium Popcorn with Butter
Review Written By:  Jesse Manzo

As a fan of horror movies all my life, it’s interesting to see the evolution of the horror movie genre and how they take a spin off of older films to produce a new, fresh, horrifying idea that can please the viewing audience. The idea of the new “slasher” films strays away from the classical shadow-figure, lurking in the dark stalking some big breasted beauty. What you get from it is something that can be life-like, where the imagination factor isn’t far from reality. The Collection goes against all the original norms of the ideal horror film. It combines elements of a slasher film with that of a twisted, psychological thriller that portrays your wildest imagination into grotesque scenes of sheer brutality.

After being captured by The Collector, Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) looks out a peep hole in a storage box that holds her captive only to see The Collector torturing one of his victims that he took hostage and toys with the victims body by using scissors on his genitalia while transforming him into one of his “zombies”. The director does a great job of not only showing the audience what kind of horrors await in the upcoming scene, but that there is a distinct reasoning for The Collector’s collection.

The opening scene of the movie takes place at a well hidden rave in the middle of the city, where Elena and her friends become victim to a grisly murder that takes all but Elena and Arkin (Josh Stuart). Distracted by the capturing of Elena, Arkin escapes The Collector. In doing so, while in recovery in the hospital, Elena’s wealthy father corners Arkin into helping his personal team of trained swat to help rescue his beloved daughter. From there the story develops and the horrors continue in the house of The Collector that is a museum of traps and madness.

You see a plot start to unfold, but nothing more that won’t keep you guessing all the way up until the end. With vengeance as a backbone for the story line, the movie is full of twists and turns with more than enough gory deaths that are truly innovative for today’s ideal of horror. With that, it provides for one ride that will be sure to keep you constantly on the edge of your seat guessing what brutal death will happen next. The director makes sure you are in the film, getting the full effect of each twisted scene of mortality. For that, the film is worth the price of the ticket if you are intrigued by the fascination of what will come next..

Medium Popcorn with Butter.

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