“Unthinkable” is pretty much exactly what I expected from a Samuel L Jackson Movie after the “Snakes on a Plane”.  I do like him and find him enjoyable to watch.  This movie doesn’t really bring anything new to the table or really even tell a story that hasn’t been told before but still is engaging because it does have an interesting enough story that keeps you questioning what is going to happen next to and after the finish.  Helped out by a good to great but not amazing performance as the American born Terrorist by Michael Sheen, actually his performance I’m convinced was less impressive because of a less than amazing script/plot.  Carrie Ann Moss was fine as the tough agent with a sensitive interior.

The Story is about a terrorist that has planted three nuclear bombs across the country.  He turns himself in and is confronted with Samuel L Jackson who is an independent consultant that works for the government and is brought in to torture criminals and terrorists.  The movie cuts it pretty close to crossing the “Hostel” movie line but manages to show that this terrorist is being tortured without torturing the viewer with the brutal images as well.  I was very happy for this, and wouldn’t even the rating that I do if it was a gory and gruesome movie.

Over all it’s a movie that I would never have watched if I had to leave my couch, but since I could press a couple of buttons and have it zapped to my TV directly from my friends at Netflix it was enjoyable enough to pass a quick hour and a half.  I know there are many people that would like this movie more than me, I recommend it to anyone that likes a war/ political thrillers, just don’t expect anything too new or stunning.

Medium Popcorn.

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