Premium Rush

In Manhattan, a bike messenger picks up an envelope that attracts the interest of a dirty cop, who pursues the cyclist throughout the city. (IMDB)

Writer:  David Koepp, John Kamps
Director:  David Koepp
Stars:   Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez
Run time/Rating:  91 Minutes/ PG-13
Popcorn Score:  Small Popcorn with Butter

I was hoping for a lot out of Premium Rush but was heavily disappointed with quality actors being dragged down by a muddled script with poor dialogue and unrealistic scenarios.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a bike messenger in New York City working for a company that will carry anything you need from point A to B without asking any questions.   A platform that you would imagine offers enough opportunities for some interesting stories and characters ultimately pins a gambling addict police officer (Michael Shannon, Take Shelter, Boardwalk Empire) against Gordon-Levitt in order to intercept a large cash transfer so that he can pay off a debt.  The movie is such a disappointment with not only a underused cast but also with a veteran screenwriter in David Koepp really mailing it in providing lines that are eye-rollingly bad and even cheesy.  It’s safe to say that he drew more from his Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull experience than his Jurassic Park and Mission Impossible Days.

One aspect of the action that I enjoyed (and really the only thing I enjoyed in the movie) is occasionally as the rider is zigging and zagging through NYC traffic the action will freeze and show the possible bike routes that the character could choose from in the coming spit second.  This is an interesting director’s choice that shows 2 options ending in pain, injury or perhaps death for the rider and other pedestrians and a third which is their only safe option.  This was the coolest part in an otherwise unwatchable quick sprint of a movie that is only encouraging because of its fast pace.

Small Popcorn with Butter.

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