Spielberg/ Lucas talk Film Industry Future

Someday soon you will be able to go to the Movie Theater and pay only $7 to see the show you want to see!  As long as your picture is a lower budget/non blockbuster.  Other people heading out to the same theater the same night might be pay $25 to see their showing of Iron Man 9 or Fast and Furious 20.

While speaking to future filmmakers at the official opening of a the new Interactive Media building at USC, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas both agreed that massive changes are coming to the Film Industry and it’s likely going to be due to one season of blockbuster flops at the box office making movie studios realize it is only worth it to make surefire successes.  Spielberg additionally mentioned that due to the nearly impossible odds of young filmmakers getting a movie to the theater these days, cable television, HBO and Netflix like services are going to land future projects that once would have been studio released films.

I think most people wouldn’t object to getting all of the new releases on demand on their TV with the comfort of their couch and a popcorn and soda that costs 2 dollars not 20.  Will theaters someday look like this?

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