Top Ten Movies of 2012

10.  Zero Dark Thirty:  The inside look on the tracking and killing of Osama Bin Laden focuses mainly on one woman named Maya(Jessica Chastain) who dedicates her whole life to taking the life of the man behind the 9/11 attacks.  Her unrelenting focus of course pays off when the Navy S.E.A.L. Team raids his private home in Packastan, a scene which is riveting and powerfully represented in Zero Dark Thirty.  The slow burn of a movie pays off in the end making the entire film a great action drama.  Large Popcorn.

9.  End of Watch:  One of the best Cop movies made in many years unfortunately did not get the box office success or critical acclaim that it deserved.  End of Watch which is directed and written by Training Day writer David Ayers tells the story of two cops; Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his partner Zavala (Michael Peña). Taylor who has taken up filming the day to day actions of him and his partner for a film class provides much of the footage for the movie which takes place in and around the very rough parts of East LA.  The two are a likeable pair and very real – unlike other buddy cop movies – get themselves into trouble with a major Mexican gang when they stumble across a large sum of drug money and become so involved in the situation that a hit is ordered on their lives.  The movie is strengthened by the supporting cast and storylines of Anna Kendrick and Natalie Martinez who play the partners’ girlfriend/wife respectably and by the incredible performances of Gyllenhall and Peña who spent five months traveling alongside real LA cops to get the feel of how the job is performed day in and day out.  If you are one of many people who didn’t find this moving film in 2012, find it now!  Large Popcorn.

8.  Searching for Sugar man:  Being a lover of music is not required to love 2012’s Academy Award winning Documentary of the year Searching for Sugar Man.  It is told with the flow and twists of a major Hollywood film but is brought to you by documentarian Malik Bendjelloul with a simplicity mirroring the lifestyle of the film’s subject;  Sixto Rodriguez.  The overlooked but brilliant singer/songwriter from 1960’s Detroit who’s sound echoed Bob Dylan wrote songs of rebellion and protest against the government.  He disappeared from the public eye in the united states after a 2nd unsuccessful album but unbeknownst to him became an enormous star in South Africa after a bootleg copy of the album made it around the country filled with peaceful  revolutionist youth.   Large Popcorn.

7.  Life of Pi:

6.  Flight:

5.  Silver Linings Playbook:

4.  Moonrise Kingdom:

3.  Argo:

2.  Skyfall:

1.  Django Unchained:


Honorary mentions – Cloud Atlas, Ted, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, Pitch Perfect, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Ruby Sparks,  A Late Quartet, Looper



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