Midnight In Paris

A family travel to the French capital for business. The party includes a young engaged couple who are forced to confront their differing views of a perfect life.

Writers: Woody Allen
Director: Woody Allen
Stars:  Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen
Runtime: 94 Minutes
Popcorn Score: Large Popcorn with Butter

Come and get whisked away to a “Midnight in Paris” with Woody Allen’s newest addition to his resume. This Movie was a very nice treat.  I have enjoyed every Woody Allen movie to some degree ever since I watched “Annie Hall” for the first time. Some more than others, even including his recent movies, Match, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Whatever Works, and You will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.  “Midnight in Paris” took me to a place and time that I wasn’t expecting and really enjoyed.

I went into this movie with no knowledge of what was going to happen other than I knew that it stared Owen Wilson, I had read a very brief plot summary (which did not give away anything) and I assumed it was set in Paris.  So I am going to stay away from specific plot details in this discussion as well.

Owen Wilson did a very exceptional job carrying the humor in this.  The movie was written in Woody Allen’s form, I think anyone that has seen a movie written by him, would call this an Allen film whether they knew it or not, but it spares you for the most part of the often wordy and whiny Woody rants.  Those never bother me, I particularly enjoy them, but I know it is what some people despise.  Owen Wilson’s performance was thoughtful and honest; I really liked him in this roll, obviously doing his best Woody Allen impression.  The other performances were all exceptional as well.  I would say that Rachel McAdams did a great job playing a bitch, Alison Pill was a pleasurable standout, and Michael Sheen’s part was written very hilariously written and as always well performed.  He’s great.

I sat in the very full Uptown Theater in Minneapolis on Memorial Day evening and enjoyed sharing a true and vintage feeling movie going experience with everyone.  I absolutely recommend this movie if you feel like taking an escape for a quick couple of hours and treating yourself to a future classic!

I want to leave with a Woody Allen rant of my own about the full crowd that I just mentioned. I understand that the hundred plus people in the theater with me on Monday night were wrapping up a fun filled three day weekend and were clinging onto the last bit of excitment and escape before they have to turn in for the night and wake up to real life in the morning…but don’t do it, contain yourselves.  Don’t applaud at the end of a movie, I don’t care how good it is, I obviously enjoyed this movie a ton, but don’t clap your damn hands.  Lets break it down for a second…

Who or What are you clapping for?

Yourselves? For going to the movie? Come on, do you really need to congratulate yourself for picking Midnight in Paris over Fast Five?

The Actors? They can’t hear you, they are a picture on a screen…idiot.

Woody Allen? He can’t hear you, he’s old.

The movie theater staff? I think that their $7.50 an hour is enough compensation for pressing play, putting butter on your popcorn and picking up gum from under your seats.

Bottom line is just don’t clap at the end of movies unless it’s a Premiere or something and the writers, director, actors or producers are there. Otherwise you just look like an idiot.

Did I start this whole thing by talking about something else? ….oh yeah Midnight in Paris…

Large Popcorn with butter!

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