A couple with a newborn baby face unexpected difficulties after they are forced to live next to a fraternity house.  (IMDB)

Writers:  Andrew J. CohenBrendan O’Brien
Director:  Nicholas Stoller
Stars:  Seth RogenRose ByrneZac Efron
Run time/Rating:  97 Minutes/ R
Popcorn Score:  Large Popcorn

Some movies are created with skill and craft and showcase historical or what could be rea life situations.  These movies can be dramatic and thought provoking and incite real emotion for the viewer.  Some movies are made brilliantly and appeal to the masses.

Some movies are made to be taken seriously; other movies are made to showcase cock pushups.  Neighbors is the latter.

This marketing genius of a movie hit on all levels for this critic. I loved it on a level way higher than I ever imagined.  I was expecting a Redbox rental at best but when I was invited to check it out at Seattle’s “Big Picture” Theater (where you can order beers and cocktails delivered to your seat) I thought it was the perfect place to see this one.  The drinks could only help the laughter I figured.

Maybe they did indeed, but I don’t think I would have needed drinks to have me scream laughing throughout nearly the whole movie.  OK, I think the scream part of the laughter was probably due to the bottle of Champaign my wife and I split, but I definitely would have been laughing out loud either way.  I call this movie a marketing genius because it plays all angles and reaches out to such a wide age range of people.   I am nearing 30 years old and still fondly remember my fairly recent college days, however I am also married and have been living a much tamer lifestyle in the latter half of my 20’s that I did years 20-25.  Neighbors, which juxtaposes the young married couple who are new and inexperienced parents next to the crazy college frat guys, provides jokes that reminded me of and hit home for every year of the last 10 in my life!  And I do not even have the experience of being the clueless new parent.

The story is simple enough.  The Frat boys move in and the young couple tries to be cool to get on the young kids good side.  They party with them for a while but it gets quickly out of hand and the goal soon becomes to get the frat kicked out of the neighborhood.

The comedy isn’t gold, it’s far from classy and upscale.  It’s actually about as far from smart comedy as you can get, and there are too many breast feeding jokes.  But it is all really funny.  Zac Efron and Little Franco(Dave) play the part of the frat guys perfectly – probably not much of a test in thespianism for those two, but nevertheless.  Seth Rogan steps into the adult part of the equation perfectly as well.  I was so happy to see that they got a talented and hilarious actress in Rose Byrne, who could hold her own next to Rogan.

Maybe this movie is my favorite comedy of the year, maybe it is just because of the bubbly at Big Picture.  Either way,

Large Popcorn! 


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