Get the Gringo

A career criminal nabbed by Mexican authorities is placed in a tough prison where he learns to survive with the help of a young boy. (IMDB)

Writers: Mel Gibson, Adrian Grundberg, Stacy Perskie
Director: Adrian Grunberg
Stars:  Mel Gibson, Kevin Hernandez
Runtime: 96 Minutes
Popcorn Score: Medium Popcorn with Butter

“Inmates with guns, that’s kinda new.”

Mel Gibson stars in a VOD (Video on Demand) release action/drama/comedy about an American who crosses the border while running from the cops and is taken into custody by the corrupt Mexican Federales.  He is not brought to a Mexican Prison but more a small city packed filthily by the countries convicts.  They live with a certain freedom inside the walls of “El Paublito” Anything can be bought from a Coca-Cola to coke to heroin, they can pay to have their families come live with them but they cannot leave. Inside the city there is a powerful family that has a hand in everything from the real estate to the drug trade. They seem to be the only law within the walls.

After days inside, which we find out is more than most Gringos make it, Driver, which is what is name is in the credits, encounters and begins an odd relationship with a young attentive 10 year old boy.  They build something of an unlikely team which for reasons I won’t mention has them plotting to kill the family in charge.

Driver is a pretty bad guy, but he is surrounded by so many worse guys, you choose the lesser of the evils and enjoy the ride rooting for him to succeed.  The script is witty, there are often laughable lines and others that come and go so quick they only leave you with a smile.  It is clever but also action packed.  Mel Gibson is comfortable playing the role, a believable    badass but also playing the comedy perfectly.  Although I have never been a huge fan of his movies, I believe this is the type of role that he had always played best.  ”Ransom” was a movie that I have heard this compared to.    I am indifferent when it comes to Mel Gibson’s personal life, I presume he is quite an asshole, and the racial slurs he is consistently uttering surly aren’t making him any friends.  I am sure that the reason this movie had a one theater release and then straight to VOD on its way to the Redbox is because no one in Hollywood wants to work with him and based on the sub $1 million box office showing for a good performance in “The Beaver“, he is basically box office poison.

I think for the right type of viewer Get the Gringo will be exactly what they are looking for.  It is unfortunate that this enjoyable movie will go so widely unseen.

Medium Popcorn with Butter. 

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