30 Minutes or Less

The best thing about “30 Minutes or Less” is that it takes about that long for you to realize it’s not worth watching anymore.   My advice, go with your gut, turn it off and pop in another Stoner Comedy that is worth your time.  

The unfortunate part about this movie is that the cast has a ton of comedic talent… and even regular talent for that matter!  Jesse Eisenberg makes a terrible decision to follow up his Academy Award Nominated Performance with this flop.  Directed by “Zombieland (’s)” Ruben Fleischer and written by Michael Diliberti, a guy who most recently was getting coffee for Oscar winner/ Big Time Hollywood Producer Scott Rudin as his Personal assistant.   Maybe this whole thing was just a favor!

The cast is terribly underutilized in a plot consisting of only idiots and I use that word comparing them even to other characters in this Stoner/ Late Night Comedy genre!

Jesse Eisenberg plays the somewhat of a loser pizza driver Nick, who has a not so loserish friend named Chet (Aziz Ansari), Chet has a twin sister named Kate (Dilshad Vadsaria).  Nick had sex with Kate and him and Chet get into a big fight.

Dwayne (Danny McBride) and Travis (Nick Swardson) are two much higher degree losers who live in Dwayne’s Dad’s mansion.  His name is Major (Fred Ward) and he is a multimillionaire because he won the lottery.  Dwayne hitches a plan along with a stripper to hire a hit man for $100,000 to kill his dad so he can get his money and run off with the stripper.  But where are they going to get 100K?

Order a pizza, jump the driver, strap a bomb onto him and get him to rob a bank for you.  This is what happens and the characters are all dumb enough to go on with it.  The movie supposedly rests on the fact that Nick would be intimidated by Dwayne and Travis, but they are so inept that Nick and Chet would surely be able to get themselves out of the situation.  Well they don’t and then for the rest of the 80 minute feature, they jokelessly go through car chases, mishaps, and some hijinks on the way to re finding their friendship and getting the bomb disarmed.

Although I enjoy most of the actors in this movie, it is not worth checking out.  They are brought down by a terrible script that offers no sense, or unfortunately, even the bare minimum of my requirements, a few jokes.

Small Popcorn.

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